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What are Conservatives saying about Right to Work proposals?

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What is Right to Work?

Right now, many successful companies negotiate multi-year agreements with their employees. These agreements give the company predictable labor costs and give the employee the confidence to buy a new car or send their children to college.  These agreements also help prevent frivolous lawsuits.

But some legislators in the Missouri General Assembly have sponsored legislation to tell CEOs, small business owners, and managers what can and cannot be negotiated. House Bill 1053 would put CEOs behind bars and create a whole new nanny state for freeloaders. Some people call this Right-to-Work.

Companies in Missouri should have the right to enter into agreements with their employees without our state government prohibiting companies negotiating a contract with its employees.  In fact, Free Market states—states where companies and their workers are free to negotiate workplace agreements without government interference—are growing faster than so-called Right-to-Work states.

In this economy, companies, employees and labor unions should be working together to create good jobs and safe work places instead of the government trying to micro-manage the private sector.

Instead of the government trying to overreach into the private sector, our elected officials should be working together to balance the budget, creating jobs, and improving schools.

What are Conservatives Saying About Right to Work?

Dave Spence“I think that (putting Right to Work on the ballot) would be a huge mistake. I am not for putting it on the ballot. I think it would be a waste of money and a way to divide Missourians. I don’t think we should be concentrating on Right to Work right now there are too many things a state that is now 47th in growth that we can do that unite us.  We should be concentrating on issues that bring us together versus causing rifts. Fixing our schools is something that comes to mind that we all care about and can unite behind and I think that would be a better use of our time and resources.”

Dave Spence
2012 Republican Nominee for Missouri Governor
The Missouri Times; September 26, 2013

Joe ReaganTheoretically I get right-to-work. I will tell you, though, that it won't move the needle and if we pursue it we will distract ourselves from things that will move the needle, and we will be dead in the water."

Joe Reagan
President, St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce
St. Louis Post-Dispatch; September 18, 2013

Dave Hinson(Rep. Dave) Hinson said he does not necessarily think people should have to join a union or pay an agency fee to work in certain places. But he said if workers take advantage of the union benefits, such as legal representation, then they should have to pay those dues. This is in line with the Republican ideal of not getting a “free ride,” Hinson said."

Rep. Dave Hinson (R-St. Clair)
The Missourian
August 29, 2013

Who is Behind This?

When Rep. Donna Lichtenegger sponsors legislation that involves lawsuits and the Missouri Attorney General’s office, taxpayers better hold on to their wallet.

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